I make games. Here are screens and gifs of them.
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Recap of the last few things I’ve done !

-Modelled the Swing Swing Submarine ! This is high poly, but I’ll make a low poly version later and put it in the game, that’s for sure.

-Added Houses ! You can get in, get out… They are placed in the map, and their “inside” floats in the sky but you won’t see it. Having houses allows me to solve many problems and add a lot to the exploration component I want. I don’t have to bother with their size, since the inside can be wayyy bigger than the outside, and so I’ll have special zones where there are a lot of tiny houses - a village ! It’s up to you to enter them or not. I’ll make furnitures for them way later however, I’m trying to focus on gameplay.

-Made a giant venus flytrap. It’s quite generic, you see such ennemies in a lot of RPG… but I really like those anyway. They’re inspired by Carnivine and the Boko babas (but not as cool). They’ll have one less classic variation.

Some screenshots, I’m not really happy with them but it shows more colors.


couple doods from work and old ones since i cant produce shit these days

aaaah that mante is so nice :>

Some of the latest things I’ve been working on. Doors are placed on the level without blocking the path to the objective (they create optional paths with hidden stuff in them), they aren’t interactive yet.

There are also teleporters that will let you explore the “dungeon” in unexpected ways and maybe reach special places.

I’ve started generating the levels in a less homogenous way, to have specific treasure spots, ennemies camping etc… Lots of things are missing before I can start some playtests, since the goal is still very unclear. Beginning tomorrow I’ll add companions and maybe try to figure how to save datas to keep companions between games. 

Two doors for mah game, I’ll change the colors later to make the “orb slots” more obvious. Top door requires two orbs, bottom one only requires one.

I couldn’t do much today as I was too anxious waiting for the imagine cup world final results. Anarcute didn’t win, but their game will be playable at MOHAI tomorrow so if you’re in Seattle you should check that. It’s fucking great.

I only made some props that you can break. They’ll sometimes contain stuff you might want, sometimes they’ll be empty and just fulfill your desire of destruction.

I had a great talk with William today about exploration, and what’ll be in the game besides combats. I have a lot of new fresh ideas and objectives to keep me busy. Combats are totally okay for now, so I’ll work on elements that’ll change the way you navigate inside a level.

Stealth ennemy type, sort of.

Stealth ennemy type, sort of.

Tryin some ambient/fog color changes before reworking the repartition of props in levels.

Randomized dudes !
Well, their heads are a combination of base mesh + horns + rings, their bodies stay the same (I might try to change their proportions with code, but not sure) and combines random texture to create the leg/torso/arms patterns, but it ain’t very noticeable.
The biggest difference is obviously their color, I might tweak that some more but I’m quite happy with the result. I looked at how Adobe Kuler works, and made a system that chooses “complementary” colors with random values and saturations. 

I might create some weirder shapes for the head. My main inspiration are the Katamari’s Cousins I like them so much <3

Even if I wanted to do this from the start, I’m still unsure how this will appear in game. I’d like to have a sense of progression/evolution, and it wouldn’t be achieved if your whole body instantly changed. The way the Binding of Isaac works is nice because upgrades appear as layers that stack on your avatar, and you really feel like you evolve throughout the game. I’ll think about the best way to change my character.

I gotta work on silly features sometimes if I don’t wanna be driven mad by all the GAMEPLAY I’M ADDING