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Heyyy, long time since my last post. My summer internship is coming to an end, so I’ll recap the few last things that happened to the project.

Basically I wanted to have a prototype that’d give a good idea of what the full game is going to be, and add some content. I have not achieved that yet, and the game will take a slightly different direction from now one.

  • The level generation will be more linear because is a total mess right now, and it’s not interesting at all. I wanted to try having free exploration and let the player wander to find his objective, but that feels way too random and not fun. Instead of having a random land generated and trying to find a path on it, I’ll force the shape of the land to create a more linear path towards the end of the level. That’ll allow me to control rhythm by managing when there’s a fight zone, when there’s an harder fight zone, when there’s a village, when there’s a second optional path (another problem with the current system is that doors often feel way out of place and not interesting to open).
  • Focus on the combat. I’m sure that the “weapon crafting” system I’ve made is the most interesting thing in the game so far, and combats in the current random map are always inappropriate. I’m going to focus on the combat feeling and ennemies to ensure that they are fun before doing anything else.
  • More reward because actually even when you reach the objective, it doesn’t feel like you’ve achieved anything at all. Same goes for combats.
  • More action and arcade. Combat will be the main focus of the game and exploration will be rewarding but in a different way. I’ll not lose all of the more “narrative” elements I’ve already in the game, but they won’t interfere with the fight sequences. Zones will be clearly separated, combats will always have a beginning and an end with possible rewards.
  • More soul. I’m pretty happy with where the artstyle is going, but the game still feels really bland to me. For instance, I always wanted to have an encounter with a NPC sitting near a campfire, but I couldn’t just place it anywhere with my current system. Splitting the areas clearly will allow me such things and the overall thing should be better looking.

Anyway I don’t know if there are really people reading these, but I enjoy keeping track of my progress so that’ll continue. Oh and there should probably be a video of the game soon, to concretize the end of my summer working on this :3

And about that, it was a really great summer, full of interesting people and learning. My game is not ‘good’ yet, but I’m totally not giving up and in fact I feel like I’m improving really quick with this. Also it’s nice to feel really free to do anything and be able to take a step back and see my mistakes. More news soon !

Awesome stuff in progress by René.

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I’ve posted less these times, but here are some of the latest things I did. The game is reaaaallly coming to an end. It’ll not be over, but will have everything I wanted by the end of my internship. I’m adding “quests” which are basically different version of a same objective, and kinda change the structure of the game each time you’ll play. I’ll detail these later. I might have to tweak a lot of elements so that they combine in interesting ways and provide different experiences.

  • Completely changed the way colors on props work. Recent announcements of Shape of the World or Donut County reminded me that I wanted a flat style and very simple textures, so I took a lot of details out from the textures, to concentrate on shapes and color patterns. It’s not totally ready yet, but I’m sure the game will be way more legible and good looking.
  • "Sparing an ennemy" aka making a new companion (Pokemon-Ni No Kuni style) has a fancy animation.
  • Textbox system and also a thing to enter names etc
  • Some new teleporters and devices
  • Temporary minimalist Blue/Black aesthetic for the “space” elements/zone
  • Fireflies that wander around.
Reworking the way environment works, ennemies almost ready to join your party, working on the final room… wrapping a lot of things together, FINALLY

Reworking the way environment works, ennemies almost ready to join your party, working on the final room… wrapping a lot of things together, FINALLY

Made some variations to my constellation shader :)

Recap of the last few things I’ve done !

-Modelled the Swing Swing Submarine ! This is high poly, but I’ll make a low poly version later and put it in the game, that’s for sure.

-Added Houses ! You can get in, get out… They are placed in the map, and their “inside” floats in the sky but you won’t see it. Having houses allows me to solve many problems and add a lot to the exploration component I want. I don’t have to bother with their size, since the inside can be wayyy bigger than the outside, and so I’ll have special zones where there are a lot of tiny houses - a village ! It’s up to you to enter them or not. I’ll make furnitures for them way later however, I’m trying to focus on gameplay.

-Made a giant venus flytrap. It’s quite generic, you see such ennemies in a lot of RPG… but I really like those anyway. They’re inspired by Carnivine and the Boko babas (but not as cool). They’ll have one less classic variation.

Some screenshots, I’m not really happy with them but it shows more colors.


couple doods from work and old ones since i cant produce shit these days

aaaah that mante is so nice :>

Some of the latest things I’ve been working on. Doors are placed on the level without blocking the path to the objective (they create optional paths with hidden stuff in them), they aren’t interactive yet.

There are also teleporters that will let you explore the “dungeon” in unexpected ways and maybe reach special places.

I’ve started generating the levels in a less homogenous way, to have specific treasure spots, ennemies camping etc… Lots of things are missing before I can start some playtests, since the goal is still very unclear. Beginning tomorrow I’ll add companions and maybe try to figure how to save datas to keep companions between games. 

Two doors for mah game, I’ll change the colors later to make the “orb slots” more obvious. Top door requires two orbs, bottom one only requires one.